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Heisenbug 2022 Spring

Software testing conference

May 30 — June 1Online

June 21Online + offline

The event was over


Heisenbug conference brings together professionals in the field of quality assurance. These professionals are testers, programmers developing tests for their code, engineers in automated and load testing, and team leads willing to improve testing efficiency in their projects.

All speakers talk about the most important, practical and hardcore things on software testing:

  • Automation testing;
  • Manual testing;
  • Load testing, performance testing, benchmarking;
  • Testing of distributed systems;
  • Testing of mobile applications;
  • UX, Security, A/B testing;
  • Code analysis and its tools;
  • Tools and testing environment;
  • Test frameworks best practices;
  • Testing of compilers, nuclear power plants, and so on.

Our focus is on technological aspect of testing, and if you are not that familiar with it yet, it's a valid reason to attend the conference. We guarantee that there's no Agile, Scrum and team management stuff.


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Conference features

  • The content selected by the experts

    The content is included in the program only after it has been checked by the program committee, which has experts with wide experience in QA.

  • TechTalks

    Lots of technical content with a little bit of non-technical content. Our conferences help to find your way in the industry: you will know trends, tools, approaches, global updates of the languages and platforms.

  • Change of scene

    Offline is back! This is a chance to change the scene, listen to live talks, chat with your colleagues and just enjoy your time.

  • Discussions

    You may chat with speakers and experts right after the talk. Both online and offline.


    Our support team will reply to you very soon and will not leave you alone.

  • 4K

    So that you can see each character of the code in the IDE.


We would not be able to hold Heisenbug on a regular basis without the tremendous support of our partners. Our conference is growing and evolving thanks to their efforts.

If you want to become a partner of our conference, please contact us via email —

  • Gold partners

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  • Information partners

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